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Inter-racial Wedding Card - (Sep 2009)
The Chinese character (Xi) "囍" composed of two 喜 (xǐ, 'joy') means Double Happiness.
This Wedding card design is designed for an inter-racial marriage.

The challenging part of this is to combine the 2 cultures together cohesively and bearing in mind not to separate the 2 styles since it's a union of the 2 lovers. Since the wedding is held in Singapore, the card is ultimately more "chinese".

2 main colors are used to amplify that. Red is an auspicious color in the east and white is a color symbolizes pureness in the west however it is auspicious for Chinese. Therefore the colors chosen is Creamy White and Auspicious Red. East meets West.

Artwork: Christian Chen

Christian Jacques - Sep 2010
A catalog for a Swiss made Watch company. The catalog was to be as simple yet as precise as the watches they make.

Photography: Milk Photographie / Artwork: Christian Chen

PENN Conquer - Nov 2011
Leaflets for a new line up of high end fishing reels engineered for easy maintenance.

Photography & artwork: Christian Chen

Magazine ads for Fishing-2012
The idea of having the entire current series in one page in a little wider than A4 was a challenge not in a boring way. The green circle is actually the color of it's packaging. Light Green and Turquoise. The different tones in the lighter green represents the depth of the lures. The idea came from an impression like it's almost a game, like a wheel of fortune. And these lures used for fishing is viewed as 'GAME FISHING'.
Artwork: Christian Chen

Claystudio Booklet - Jul 2007
A promotional brochure to schools for a clay making lessons. The client wanted to have something fun and cheerful to connect clay making with children. So after much discussions, the idea of a theme park with a vibrant background was suggested so went on to create this booklet.
Artwork: Christian Chen

Boomer Lures Catalogue - Dec 2008
A catalogue for a newly created brand to be completed within 2 days by a team of efficient and reliable designers. From sorting out samples, inputing info onto the computer, photography, etching, retouching to layout to FA.

Photography, layout & artwork: Christian Chen

Tiburon - Aug 2010
An introduction of a new color (Gunsmoke) to an already solid line up of fishing reels.
- August 2011

Photography & design: Christian Chen

Buenos Brochure - Dec 2009
Brochure for a hi-end kitchen & wardrobe furniture. After visiting the showroom I have had a clearer view of the company itself. Clean, Neat, Space, Sleek Properly Define.
So the brochure is dived into 2 sections. On one side of it is of red color, on the other side is of darker color. On the cover it self, it has spot UV of wood grain printed on it. Leaving a texture on the cover, not too visible yet you can feel it.
Artwork: Christian Chen

SureCatch Fishing Reels - Jun 2005
Posters for new launch of a line of fishing products.
- June 2005

Photography & design: Christian Chen